IBM Nederland

Technology is enabling new entrants and competitors to quickly create value, threatening the traditional rail model. Rail executives should strive to develop an interconnected rail ecosystem by embracing disruption. Deploying cognitive technologies will enable railways to become more efficient and effective, and will allow them to operate with more responsiveness and agility.

We are on the brink of an explosion of growth in cognitive computing; railways should use this time to begin their transformations and lead the pack, rather than being forced to do so after their competitors have already taken the lead. For first movers, becoming interconnected by leveraging cognitive technologies can help create important competitive advantages in an expanded rail ecosystem, optimized operations, new revenue model opportunities and improved customer relationships.

As the rail industry embraces connectedness and cognitive technologies, this investment will accelerate new railway intelligence, enabling enhanced industry-wide knowledge and business model innovation. Deciding how and where to leverage cognitive systems to become interconnected is a strategic business decision that requires careful consideration. IBM stands ready and uniquely qualified to help you develop and execute your strategy for the cognitive era.

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