Dutch Rail Sector

Dutch Rail Sector (DRS) is the stage for Dutch railway oriented expertise regarding rail, mobility and urban planning. It presents cutting edge and innovative knowledge, products and services for markets all around the world.

The development of DRS has been assigned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (Starter project, 2014-2016). Dr. Rob van der Bijl (RVDB Urban Planning / Lightrail.nl) is project manager and content director of DRS. Railforum (founded 1992), Netherlands’ independent rail-knowledge network fosters DRS and its stage. The Dutch international engineering firm Arcadis supports DRS and chairs DRS’s consultation table.

If you have any questions about the DRS, or want to contribute to DRS, please mail the content manager:

Dr. Rob van der Bijl (RVDB Urban Planning / Lightrail.nl)

Email: info@dutchrailsector.com