About us

Railforum is the independent knowledge network that consists of 200 companies and organizations that are active in the rail sector. The network was established in 1992. Railforum’s goal is exchanging knowledge and experiences in order to increase the social and economic efficiency of rail transport. The main focus is accelerating (process) innovations. Railforum offers its services and ensures alignment with other sectors, politics and science.

Members view Railforum as ‘a safe haven’ and a place to openly share knowledge. The association organizes regular meetings where important players from the rail sector meet, discuss and preferably take action and initiative. By bringing parties together, Railforum stimulates cooperation within the rail sector. In this way Railforum contributes to improving rail transport for both travelers and goods.

Membership and organization
Railforum is a professional working association with a proactive governance, motivated staff members and a work desk. Railforum has members from all links in the chain; from carrier to industry, from government to contractor, from engineer to infra administrator. The five office staff members are responsible for organizing and coordinating all work of the association such as the preparation of the monthly events, board meetings and the support in projects. Most meetings are organized together with the members, for instance guest companies often offer a room and catering.

Membership benefits
With a membership of Railforum you have access to a network of more than 3000 professionals employed by all major players in the rail sector.

  • You can take part in meetings in which you will be informed about current issues.
  • You can participate in knowledge circles about interesting topics. Along with other concerned parties, you can share your knowledge to take the sector to the next level.
  • You are a invited to all of our events as well as our big biennially event.
  • You can profile your company by participating in meetings, for example as a host.
  • You can highlight your company in our relationship journal (circulation 2000 ex.)
  • Employees to 36 years old can join the youth association ‘Jonge Veranderaars’ for free and participate in their activities.
  • Above benefits apply to you, but of course also to your colleagues.

More information
On this website you will find our upcoming activities. At ‘Archief’ you can take a look at all our past events. If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail by clicking on the button.